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You can learn a lot from Lydia

15 July 2010

Tattooed and pierced women “clearly demonstrate a loss of values in our society” according to Luz María Ramírez Villalpando, addressing 250 PAN faithful in León. Which normally wouldn’t matter, but Ms. Ramírez is the director of the Instituto de la Mujer Guanajuatense (Imug), the state organ charged with protecting and fostering women’s rights.

She complained that “There is no standard or sense of values in these things.  A young person may say it’s original or like it, but there’s another value — health — and these things are prejudicial to that.”

Ángeles López García, of the Centro de Derechos Victoria Diez — who Ramírez tried to have charged with “terrorism” back in August 2009 for helping a client bring sexual assault charges against a state police officer — responded that Ms. Ramírez’ attitude towards tattooed women is a human rights violation all on its own, suggesting as she does that women have no rights over their own bodies.

OK, I’m the first to admit I’m not fond of tattoos:  on men or women (why ruin a work of art with graffitti?).   So I don’t have any.  But I respect the Marxist stance on this issue:

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