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SB 1070 — and friends

20 July 2010

“Friends of the Court” briefs in the lawsuits to stop Arizona’s “papers please” law from taking effect have been filed at the last minute by the governments of Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru, as did the government of Mexico earlier.   Also, as a Friend of the Court, the American Bar Association, which normally only files such briefs during appeals to higher federal courts, in an unusual move, filed their brief before the federal court begins considering the Arizona law later this month.

Though the bar association’s briefs concentrate on the constitutional issues raised by the law, they also contend that the measure could be burdensome for both legal citizens and local law enforcement, who will be required to detain an individual if a “reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States,” according to the statute’s language.

Though citizens are not required by law to carry identification, they will be held until their immigration status can be verified, though “federal databases are poorly integrated and often incomplete or inaccurate,” the ABA brief argues.

While the bar association’s membership, which includes nearly 400,000 attorneys, judges and other legal professionals, is not uniformly opposed to the intent of the Arizona statute, …  after visits to bar associations in the state, including those in Maricopa, Scottsdale and Phoenix, a consensus emerged that the courts were the best venue to handle opposition to the law’s implementation.

On the other side the State of Arizona can at least count on the support of some California Nazis.

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  1. Robert permalink
    20 July 2010 11:48 am

    Any cop or migra officer in Mexico can ask a foreigner for papers at any time. If the papers are out of date – steep fine (or bribe). If you don’t have papers – deportation with summary dispatch (or bribe). Simple as that. Why should Mexico expect anything more lenient from the USA?

  2. Robert permalink
    21 July 2010 11:07 am

    Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the United States of America.
    Here is a summary of two excellent 2006 research papers exposing how Mexico discriminates illegal and legal immigrants.

  3. 21 July 2010 12:15 pm

    Enough already, Robert. Besides using a source of dubious credibility (Mark Levin), and the fact that it’s based on old Mexican law (the Ley General de Poblaciones was changed in August 2008), and other references are to the white supremacist publication “Human Events”… you’re blathering on about something totally irrelevant to which groups are filing “friends of court” documents, and who are out running around on the border.

  4. Frank permalink
    22 July 2010 7:46 am

    Is Amnesty International stories oof Mexico’s abuse of it’s immigrants od dubious credibility?

  5. mexicomystic permalink
    22 July 2010 6:56 pm

    I was on a bus at a toll booth in Amozoc , Puebla and immigrations came on asking for documents… I didnt have any and I still dont carry them unless Im going more than 200 miles from homebase which is Apizaco, Tlaxcala. “Wheres your papers they asked? I showed them my Senior Citizens card…”no that want do, he said. Well, I dont carry papers because of pickpockets on buses, but if you like we can go to my house and get them.
    You can leave he said & waved the bus on.
    Actually I had expired Tourist visa at the time…but they arent really looking to hassle American tourists, they’re looking for Central Americans. I mean What American would be crazy enough to stay here & work for these wages???
    Heres the problem in the States about asking for papers when you havent commited any criminal acts… thats the start…first it’ll be the Mexicans, next it’ll be anybody who’s looks they dont like…that’ll be you Pal.
    Then they’ll rescind the Miranda Act & beat a confession out of you…Just like in the good old days!! Oh yeh Chief…He LOOKED like he might have been the guy who robbed the gas station last month. I mean he’s a stranger, the folks here in Muddville wouldn’t do anything like that.

  6. humberto permalink
    23 July 2010 1:38 am

    another glaring omission from those that critizice mexico’s policy towards inmigrants is that if you want to become legal is a matter of filing and paying fees. try that in the US, want and ability to pay is not enough.

    to this, they always retort that “who would want to inmigrate to mexico?”, but hey, if you want to you can…


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