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Utter and total bullshit!

25 July 2010

The latest lies and fearmongering coming from anti-Mexican groups and conspiracy wingnuts such as ALIPAC, Jeff “Bikini Boy” Schwilk of San Diego Minutemen, Dan Amato of “Diggers Realm”, World Net Daily and Glenn Beck, in their ongoing attempts to spread fear of and hatred against Hispanics is the report that ranches have been seized in Laredo Texas by Los Zetas, the paramilitary enforcers for the Gulf Cartel.

In as few words as possible,


The “real story” (which is that there is no story… other than a complete fabrication by extreme xenophobes that even Right Wing Pundits have been busy trying to scotch this latest attempt to whip up hysteria among the “booboise”) here.

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  1. 25 July 2010 1:37 pm

    Thanks Rich for getting this out there.

    Just when you thought you’d seen it all, these cretins come up with something else more bizarre.

  2. Maggie permalink
    25 July 2010 7:29 pm

    Yes, thanks – I saw this while I hunting for the cloned USBP vehicles this morning. Wow.

    Be careful Richard, they will say you are “angry”.


  3. Jose Guadalupe Garcia Cavazos permalink
    25 July 2010 9:46 pm

    Fucking right-wingers man. Theres no telling what they’ll make up next. This does not help their credibility at all. I dont think that the zetas are that stupid. The last thing they want is the United States military after them. I think they can take on the Mexican military, but they wont have a chance against the American military machine.

  4. 25 July 2010 9:53 pm

    Jose, Whatever comes into their warped little minds to further their agenda of demeaning and marginalizing the Mexican population.

    In this instance, considering who was involved, I have a heavy suspicion that they’re trying to raise the level of fear and hysteria up in order to get an Arizona type law passed in Texas. I won’t happen although something will be introduced by Senator Beamer again.

  5. Frank permalink
    26 July 2010 4:23 am

    The dumb asses don’t need to make up stories about mexican cartels, they just need to tell the truth about mexican cartels.


    Prison guards loaned their own weapons to the killers, who went on to slay 17 at a birthday party in Coahuila state, authorities say. Inmates from the same prison are suspected in other attacks.

    The charges point to the staggering official corruption confronting Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s war on drug cartels.

    The anti-crime campaign, launched in late 2006, is already beset by widespread police graft, especially at the state and local levels, where many officers moonlight as enforcers for trafficking groups.

    Mexico’s new interior minister, Francisco Blake, said the episode was a reminder of the “state of deterioration” afflicting many local law-enforcement institutions.,0,2293904.story

  6. don quixote permalink
    26 July 2010 2:38 pm

    Right wing reactionaries and fascists have lived by the big lie theory since at least old John D Rockefeller hired Ivy Lee, to bullshit the public into believing he was a philanth rapist instead of a murdering SOB as witnessed by his anti democratic slaughter of women and children during the Ludlow Colorado miners strike. Then the Nazis under Goebles “big lie” campaign made an exact science of bullshitting and manipulating the truth.
    The US right wing fascists and apologists for monopoly capitalism are still at it today.
    Examples? The WMD lie to promote the Iraq War, and lately the BP attempted whitewashing of the Gulf Oil fiasco.
    Now it’s a right wing reactionary war on all things Mexican and the scapegoating of Mexican immigrants as being a fifth column in the USA, supposedly attempting to establish an Aztec empire on the ashes of “Western Civilization”.
    Don’t believe the hype and propaganda, it’s a futher escalation of the war on the working class by these proto fascists and bullshit artists.

  7. el_longhorn permalink
    26 July 2010 2:57 pm

    “The dumb asses don’t need to make up stories about mexican cartels, they just need to tell the truth about mexican cartels.”

    Sad but true. Pretty impossible to support immigration reform or anything rational along the border when there are gun battles in the streets a mile from the US. People in downtown Laredo could hear the gunfire from the street fighting last week. It is very unnerving. All the radio stations stopped broadcasting in Nuevo Laredo during the gun battles, the local newspapers had no reports on any of the violence. The buses in N. Laredo stopped running because they were attacked by the narcos and used as road blocks.

    Pobre Mexico. Te extraño tanto.

  8. don quixote permalink
    26 July 2010 2:57 pm

    And in case anyones interested in the founding of modern Monopoly Capitalism’s big lie vis a vis public relations, ie propaganda ,here’s just a tidbit from Ivy Lee’s bio on Wikipedia. There are many other sources though to read up on PR and public opinion manipulation tactics as developed by Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays (a close relative of Sigmund Freud BTW), during the epoch of the “Robber Barons” which IMO continues to this day.

    “In 1914 he was to enter public relations on a much larger scale when he was retained by John D. Rockefeller Jr to represent his family and Standard Oil, (“to burnish the family image”), after the coal mining rebellion in Colorado known as the “Ludlow Massacre”. Upton Sinclair dubbed him “Poison Ivy” after Lee tried send bulletins saying those that died were victims of an overturned stove, when in fact they were shot by the Colorado militia.

    From then on he faithfully served the Rockefellers and their corporate interests, including a strong involvement in Rockefeller Center — he was in fact the first to suggest to Junior (against his reservations) that he give to the complex his family name — even after he moved on to set up his own consulting firm.

    He became an inaugural member of the Council on Foreign Relations in the U.S. when it was established in New York City in 1921.

    His supposed instruction to the son of the Standard Oil fortune was to echo in public relations henceforth: “Tell the truth, because sooner or later the public will find out anyway. And if the public doesn’t like what you are doing, change your policies and bring them into line with what people want”. The context of the quote was said to be apocryphal, being spread by Lee as self promotion, making it both famous and infamous.

    Lee is considered to be the father of the modern public relations campaign when, from 1913–1914, he successfully lobbied for a successful railroad rate increase from a reluctant federal government.

    Lee espoused a philosophy consistent with what has sometimes been called the “two-way street” approach to public relations, in which PR consists of helping clients listen as well as communicate messages to their publics. In practice, however, Lee often engaged in one-way propagandizing on behalf of clients despised by the public. Shortly before his death, the US Congress had been investigating his work in Nazi Germany on behalf of the controversial company IG Farben.

  9. Adrianna permalink
    7 December 2010 6:22 pm

    FYI the zetas are no longer part of the gulf cartel

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