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Es un complot… internacional! (and an update)

16 August 2010

Juan Sandoval Iñiguez  has no doubt that the Mexican Supreme Court was suborned by “international organizations” in not finding  some rationale — any rationale — to throw out the new same-gender marriage laws in the Federal District.

Same gender marriage, and adoption by same-gender couples is “an aberetion supported by the high economic powers”… and furthermore… “the whole package of changes, not just from the PRD and the left in Mexico, are proposals from the great capitalists,” according to Señor Sandoval

It might be pointed out, sotto voce, that Señor Sandoval is Su Señoria Sandoval, the Cardinal of Guadalajara, representing a wealthy international organization that has been known to try to influence Mexican law from time to time … like from 1521 onwards.

Aguachile has more on what the Cardinal said, none of it very nice, using words that basically translate as “faggot” and “dyke” and claiming the justices were bribed.

The Supremes themselves weighed in today.

At the opening of the court session, Minister Sergio Valls Hernandéz — who had been charged with writing the briefs on the two same-gender marriage cases — asked for a vote of censure against the Cardinal as a personal matter.  Minister-President (Chief Justice) Guillermo Ortiz Mayagoitia, who voted against upholding the rights of same gender couples both to marriage and to adoptions,  said the Cardinal had impugned the honor of every one of the justices, and said any justice who felt the same, was free to vote for censure. Before voting 9-2 to uphold the rights of same gender couples to equality in adoption procedings with opposite gender couples, the court took another vote.

In the unanimous opinion of the Corta Suprema de Justicia de la Nación,  Cardinal Sandoval is a pendejo.

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