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“Nothing happens in Mexico…

21 August 2010

… until it happens,” or so the always quotable Porfirio Díaz is supposed to have said.

And, when SOMETHING happens — the Supreme Court affirming the rights of the Federal District to marry same-gender couples (and for those couples to adopt children) for example– the results aren’t always predictable.

Oh, you expect a few (quite a few) people will consider the whole idea “aberrant” … I’m referring not so much to same-gender marriage as to concepts like the separation of powers and democracy and rule of law, of course.  But what I didn’t expect was that the only real conservative action ha been to attempt to delay the inevitable and to save face.

José Ángel Córdova, the Calderón Administration’s ultra-conservative Secretary of Health  is willing to “have a dialog” on necessary changes to Social Security regulations (Social Security here includes not just retirement and disability payments, but workers’ compensation programs, the national health care system and some housing and mortgage programs) to cover benefits for same-gender couples.

“Dialog” is simply a way of holding off on implementing changes.  After all,  the whole point of being a conservative is to delay change until you figure out how to do it and leave yourself in power.

I expect (although I might be surprised again) that the foot-dragging will be about coverage for same-gender “free unions”.  Coahuila beat the Federal District to the punch in legitimizing same-gender relationships when that state’s legislature eliminated the opposite gender requirements for “free unions” in 2008.  What was intriguing was that the bill was pushed by PRI, and opposed by PAN and the Greens.

Now, in Sinaloa, the PRD is in a coalition with PAN, but is pushing a same-gender marriage bill.  Again, it’s an attempt to delay, but PAN is willing to give legal recognition to same-gender relationships, as long as they aren’t called “marriage.” PRI, having to oppose whatever PAN proposes (and hoping to split the right-left opposition coalition) … it’s just possible that Sinaloa may surprise us and pass a same-gender marriage bill with only nominal opposition.

I think it would be great. Mazatlán has beaches and hotels too, I know, right now the tourists are being scared off by our reputation as a haven for gangsters and geezers… (giving the impression one will die here either of multiple gunshot woulds, or terminal boredom)… we’d have to improve the night-life, but it’s do-able.

Puerto Vallarta has been tapping into the lucrative gay tourist market for too long.  We might be able to make a marketing campaign out of the fact that PV is in Jalisco, whose state capital is Guadalajara — as in His Eminence, Juan “You want a faggot raising a kid?” Sandoval Iñiguez. And he’s one of the more rational conservatives in that state.

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