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Tea-baggers… Mexican style

22 August 2010

I wonder if the more reactionary Catholics are taking lessons in stupidity from their north of the border cousins in trying to paint change as the result of some plot.  There’s the same mix of powerful conservative political interests trying to create a “grassroots” organization (like the “Movimiento Nacional de Jóvenes por la Competitividad”) … with their mix of minor political figures and off-the-wall explanations.  It’s somewhat amusing to watch Cardinal Sandoval’s minions marching around León (which is not even in his baliwick) claiming that gay marriage is some United Nations plot… and, even better, coming across as either clueless or irony-challenged.

Cardinal Sandoval addressed the the “Third Matrimonial Conference” — to reiterate that only religious marriages were valid ones in — where else? —  Benito Juarez Hall : named for the guy who removed marriage from clerical control back in the 1850s… of course, the Cardinal probably missed the fact that his side lost that battle.  Even rolling the social climate of Mexico back to before the Revolution is still fifty years too late.

More amusing was Bishop Martín Rábago who said that same-gender marriage is noxious to the correct development of human society — which is the kind of thing a Bishop says.  Alas, Bishops never have learned to say things simply.  The first part of his statement read: nocivas para el rectoirritating to the rectum.

I suppose that’s Bishop-speak for a “it’s a pain in the ass.”  I presume he meant that figuratively.  There might be another interpretation, but I won’t go there.

Aguachile is less amused by all this than I am, seeing Cardinal Sandoval as a genuinely sinister figure.  He is, but I can still laugh at him.

Slightly off topic, — but speaking of irritating asses — a ping-back to an Argentine site on an earlier post of mine about the Cardinal and his “grassroots” movement makes me wonder if  Elton John might to do a concert for the Bishops and their cause.

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