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Analyze this — or don’t

1 September 2010

(via Latin Americanist)

… Mexico’s tourism industry…officials are eyeing a new tourist block: same-sex honeymooners.

Mexico’s highlighting the honeymoon of the first couple married under Argentina’s new law allowing gay marriage, who are treated to an all-expenses-paid vacation in Mexico City.

Mexico City has an office specifically for recruiting gay tourists.

“We are a very tolerant, liberal, avant-garde city,” tourism secretary Alejandro Rojas told CNN.

Officials hope to train hotels and restaurants on sensitivity and create maps with gay-friendly attractions. An international gay tourism conference is also on the table.

…  Earlier this week, the Council of Catholic Analysts of Mexico encouraged a boycott of Mexico City.

The “Council of Catholic Analyists?”  — I never heard of ’em either.  I didn’t know Freudians were Catholics, or maybe they’re just neurotic but really want to change… but not in Mexico City.  Or something.  I’m confused.

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