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The prophet

8 September 2010

Whoever says economic union, says political union.  The people that buy give the orders.  The people that sell, serve… The people that want to die sell to one people alone, and the people that want to save themselves, sell to more than one… The people that want to be free distribute their business among equally strong people.  If any is to be given preference, prefer the one that needs less to the one that is less disdainful…

NAFTA and the 80 percent of Mexican trade that is with the “disdainful” United States ?

Perhaps… but  said about a century before NAFTA…. in 1890 at the “First International Conference of American States.”

And the speaker wasn’t specifically talking about Mexican trade issues, but was representing Uruguay’s interests at that conference.

And, he wasn’t Mexican, but a Cuban who developed much of his thinking about liberation, economics and power while living in Mexico as an exile.   José Martí — poet and liberator,  “combatant for the liberty of America”, prophet.

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  1. Chris K permalink
    8 September 2010 9:01 am

    Just 10 minutes ago, on my way to the office, I walked by the statue of Marti on Central Park South and The Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. It gave me pause to reflect on the tremendous effort required to truly change something – like a political/economic structure…

    …and then I turn on my computer and find this post – a fantastic coincidence? or a sign of something greater? Regardless, I think I will try to change something today, not sure if it will be big or small!

    A link to a picture of the statue in Central Park:

    Thanks for your blog. I don’t always agree, but I always enjoy.


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