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Cantina etiquette 101

1 October 2010

I live in a navy town, where our more “autentico” local cantinas still post signs prohibiting entry to minors, uniformed service personnel and unescorted women. There’s some logic behind the signs, not that it stops the sailors or unescorted women — or minors for that matter — from stopping in, and while there might be something in the military code about hanging out in a cantina while in uniform, the prohibition on unescorted women is definitely illegal. But, the signs are more just tradition in a country that honors tradition than any attempt to flaunt the law.

Of course, by tradition only one kind of unescorted woman would be in a cantina anyway. Something that — as Mexico conquers the world, one taco, tamale and tequila at a time — may require a bit of explanation when exported to other tradition-rich cultures.

¡Muchimos gracias a Dee Hulen!

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  1. 1 October 2010 6:49 am

    I love it! We can definitely use more humor in this world. why don’t you do a post inviting readers to send in their favorite cantina stories, then put them up for us all to enjoy…

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