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HIC! transit gloria…

5 October 2010


It might not have superceded 100,000, the number the organizers behind Thursday’s march in Guadalajara, Jalisco, hoped to surpass, but the march to protest Governor Emilio González Márquez’ education policies, or lack thereof, was nonetheless a stunning success. González Márquez, a notorious alcoholic and public drunkard who tightly allied with the most reactionary elements of the Mexican Catholic Church and has been involved in scandals to numerous to recount here, has faced barrages of criticism for starving the UdeG, or Universidad de Guadalajara, of hundreds of millions of pesos in federal that González Márquez refuses to release.

Apparently, as González Márquez became aware of the magnitude of the march against him, he showed up drunk unexpectedly at the home of former rector of UdeG Raúl Padilla López to threaten and beg him to cancel the march, without success, and promised to finally release the money the university is entitled to from the federal government. Excerpt from the dialogue:

González Márquez: “Raúl, are you drunk yet”?
Padilla López: “Me, no. You are!”
González Márquez: “No man, this is the way I work”

Having just written that I prefer to write on historical trends, I guess this illustrates the historical trend among the reactionary Catholics of Jalisco in making public nuisances of themselves, as well as drawing attention to the cultural importance Mexicans give to education … important enough to make the masses take to the streets, or drive some to drink.

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  1. otto permalink
    5 October 2010 6:19 am

    Thus passes the glory of another one of your wonderful headlines, RG.

  2. infomar permalink
    5 October 2010 10:12 am

    I don’t believe that it happened exactly as described. Emily is catholic, he appeared drunk on public and looks like he follows the orders of the Cardenal. But the sad part is the Padilla family is even worst.

    This family rules the University: Raúl, Trinidad, Tonathiu, Ruth and more.. it’s like an internal mafia. No elections, no university committee. Just “compadres” and a “my way or no way” policy.

    Here is a small and recent proof about an University worker that decided to don’t assist on the march and got fired.

    There are thousands of histories like this one. Just ask to a graduate.

    The Padilla family transformed a University on a business. Here is their own list (a few are missing).

    …founded with people’s taxes, competing with people’s business and many of them surely are making money.

    Don’t trust too much on “la mejor nada”.

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