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Round, round, get around…

11 October 2010

Yet another line of the new “Metrobus” system for Mexico City — this one from Buenavista to San Lazaro — could mean less auto traffic through the Centro Histórico, as well as fewer buses and taxis clogging the narrow streets.

Going by the history of the first three Metrobus line projects, the estimated 650 million peso price tag probably turn out to be hopelessly optimistic, there are likely will be a search for litigants by PAN to delay the project (and Televisa will run long sympathetic news segments on the travails of the litigant who finds the construction project a human rights abuse) and then it will be built… and people will use it. And the opposition press will have screaming headlines about how dangerous it is the first time some idiot drives the wrong way down the metrobus lane and smacks into one. And everyone will use it.

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  1. 12 October 2010 5:38 am

    So true! I am in Mexico City this week and have been using the metro. I am struck by the fact that this city would come to a dead hault if not for the excellent mass transit system. Friends here say they use the Metrobus system to shorten their travel time to work and can’t stop talking about the benefits. It’s a shame that EVERYTHING has to be a political issue… Maybe if the PAN critics didn’t have drivers, they’d develop a more realistic point of view?

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