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Now is the time for all good Mexicans … to dance

16 October 2010

While cutting the ribbon at a new vaccine production facility in Ocoyoacac, Estado de Mexico, Felipe Calderón took time to announce another public health measure.  For the good of the nation — and to bring down the alarming obesity rates in this country — we should all spend a half hour dancing to cumbia.

To quote “Tlahuac,” a commentator on the Milenio story on this important socio-politico-nationalistic pronunicamento,  “You know, Mexicans — between shoot-outs,  kidnappings, miners being buried, children burned to death in day care centers, immigrants massacred, indigenous people dying of gastritis, airlines going broke, companies forceably liquidated, narco-blocades, the CFE, corruption and the other messes, we all need to dance to cumbia.”

Not Aztec dancing, not the Austrian-influenced (via Cuba) danzon, not the Germanic and U.S. style Tejano waltz … but the Colombian/Panamanian Euro-Afro-Indigeno-rooted CUMBIA.  I suppose there could be some hidden political message in that:  the Calderón adminstration has shown a tendency to downplay our indigenous past;  has been reluctant to restore Mexico’s traditionally excellent relations with Cuba; and — despite the administration’s continued reliance on appeasing Washington — has been nudged by the left towards a more Bolivarian, pan-Latin outlook.

So… Mexicans unite.  We have nothing to lose but our fat asses.  Forward… comrades!  From Toluca, Adriana Vargas and Léon Carlos (Club universitaro de baile de salon)  are our new drill instructors:

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