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A “sue-nami” hits la blogahemisferá?

17 October 2010

Send me your tired, your poor, your bloggers receiving summons …

At last count:

  • Okkie, at “Bananama Republic” (for referring to scumbag, conman and arms trafficker Donald Winners as a “scam pimp … who consistently lies and makes up childish shit, but it shows clearly that smoking crack of questionable quality is not good for you.”),
  • Otto at Inca Kola News (who — having noticed an important article on mining by “Mercenary Geologist” Mickey Fulp was pulled off the Rare Metals Blog — probably because Fulp — being an honest guy — noted problems with some of that less than reliable site’s recommended investments … which just happen to be the same folks who pay for it … posted the article on his own site, earning him a personal attack by one Tracy “Goldilocks” Weslosky. aka “another loudmouthed blowhard bully enslaved to the corporate site sponsors who pay for [her] blog”), and
  • Maggie Drake at Maggie’s Madness (for referring to Borderlands Beat as “morons who just steal from other sites, nothing original,” when referring to the unethical behavior, reactionary politics and general scuzziness of that site’s administration)

… are all being threatened with law suits over the character of their content.  Not that they take the threats toooo seriously (my considered advice, having dealt with the idiots who think that telling you they’ll sue is a sensible legal strategy is to tell them to  fuck off and die).

OK, Okke has to put up with the Kafkaesque vagaries of Panamanian “law”, with judges and prosecutors who make Mexican legal authorities as wise as Solomon by comparison, but  the likelihood of his being shut down is slim to none.  Still, it’s a hassle and could run into some expenses to make the idiots go away, and he depends on that site for his income, so give what you can.

What “authorities” some corporate shill for foreign mining companies can appeal to when she thinks a Peruvian business writer is not nicey-nice to her, or why Maggie thinks a bunch of yahoos north of the border are even going to be given the time of day by the Ministerio publico, or why the ministerio would care one way or another what one gringo thinks of another gringo’s website content is beyond me… but, then, she’s got some “fans” who are, shall we say, a few cards short of a deck.

… still.. weird things have been known to happen in the pursuit of justice this way, and it’s best to have a plan “B”.

Mexico has always welcomed refugees, especially those threatened by bullies (think of the Jews fleeing Hitler) and crazy people (Trotsky, avoiding Stalin).  Mex Files trying to live up to the best traditions of Mexican hospitality (mí blog es su blog) and , what the heck… it’s basically bullet-proof when it comes to lawsuits (besides the jurisdictional tangle of serving a U.S. citizen living in Mexico for something written on a website hosted in Canada by a third person… especially one in Peru or Panama), I have the advantage of almost no assets  (hint).

So, for any of our fellow Latino blogasferá comrades in need of asylum… not listed — YET — the Mex Files “Refugee Center” page (not listed, but it’s there, and can be added any time) awaiting  the hassled masses yearning to spew snark.

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  1. otto permalink
    17 October 2010 6:51 am

    Good of you to care RG, but mine are more of the ‘all hat and no cattle’ variety (as you Texans would put it) and all they do is threaten without sending out summons. There are thousands of blowhards and scamsters in the mining industry (Mark Twain had that one nailed down over 150 years ago), often called ‘cockroaches’ because they don’t like lights being shined on them. I have had a new round of those extra special anonymous hate-in-a-comment merchants hitting the site however, so it’s gratifying to know I’ve ruffled their feathers.

    So IKN’s is a minor thing. Okke, on the other hand, may have a problem.

  2. Santiago permalink
    17 October 2010 9:25 am

    Panama faces a major threat on Freedom of Speech and under this administration there has been a “going backwards” to the Dictatorship (Noriega) practices, 21 years ago…
    This Democracy is disappearing…

  3. Maggie permalink
    17 October 2010 1:26 pm

    LMAO Richard !


  4. Echoman2000 permalink
    18 October 2010 9:52 am

    Gracias for bringing me up to date on the blog drama SOB. As if we don’t have enough going on already. Here in San Miguel de Allende there’s a huge uproar because the Mojigangas were put at the end of the parade instead of leading the parade last week. They’d been leading this paticular parade for 60 years. I’m not sure the town will survive such madness. Carry on.



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