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Zombies unite!

29 October 2010

Alas, Transparency International doesn’t measure stupidity. Panamá is supposedly less corrupt than Mexico (another indication that the parameters used are screwy), but in the stupid elected representative department, they have us beat hands down. From the un-dead Bananama Republic comes the latest in the dumber side of corruption… where elected officials abuse their power against the weakest among us… the dead.

Rob Rivera, “chief Instigator” for Panamanian cultural collective Porto Dia0 has, for the last several years, organized a Hallowe’en “Zombie Walk” .

This year, the event was planned for Casco Viejo. It would start Saturday night on Plaza Herrera and then the parade would meander through the old city center. Rivera had been busy arranging permits and coordinating everything with the local police and municipal authorities.


Mario Kennedy, the local political boss… the indicted head honcho of the junta comunal… nixed a parade permit apparently because it might feature rock and roll music (which somehow leads to bombing Viet-nam — or Viek-man, as Kennedy refers to that country).
Rivera called Kennedy to discuss issuing a parade permit. The “two hours of discussion” were more in the nature of a monologue by Kennedy on “the meaning of culture, religion, patriotic fervor and his opinion of tourists and resident foreigners”, ending with Kennedy’s refusal reconsider the issue, but offering the “helpful” hint that Rivera might be able to obtain a permit for a private party.

I didn’t know Panamá required permits for private parties, though maybe that’s some discriminatory practice and only requires zombies to have permits.

The police have instructions to stem the Rock-n-Roll Vietnamese Zombie menace and have been ordered to arrest anyone impersonating a zombie… at the Plaza Herrera where — in support of freedom of expression — the undead will gather this Saturday at 9 P.M.

So, what do you chant at pro-zombie demonstrations, anyway:  “Death to bad government” or “long live idiots”?

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