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Day of the dead… north of the border

3 November 2010

I really haven’t much to say about the U.S. election results other than noticing that already “Yes we can” has morphed into “Maybe, you might want to consider”.  Or, as a friend of mine likes to say, “The Democratic Party brought a  library book to a knife fight.”

I started planning to move to Mexico right after George W. Bush was “selected” President of the United States in 2000.  What happened in Florida — with all that talk (and talk and talk) about a stolen election was beaten back by the infamous “Brooks Brothers Riot” (paid political consultants simply pretending to act threatening outside ballot recount office) and no one having the cojones to take on the bullies.

I happened to be in Texas when Calderón was selected President here… and what bothered me wasn’t that the “Benefit of All” coalition (which I believe was cheated out of their victory) took to the streets, but that U.S. commentators on the so-called left — as cheerleaders and on-lookers — were saying “we should have” in regard to their own failure to act in 2000.  But never did… and never will.

Much as one would like to believe that U.S. political stability is a virtue, it obviously mitigates against “change we can believe in”.   With even a vaguely “progressive” administration like the present one seemingly steam–rolled by corporate funded campaigns (in a country that claims WE‘RE corrupt?),  it would be foolish to continue with those illusions.

For Mexico — and Latin American in general — the likely results are that the present U.S. Administration will turn even more reactionary than it already is.  Expect the “Progressive” Obama Administration to roll back any of the half–assed health reforms, accelerate their already alarming acquiescence in xenophobic immigration policies, and “free–market” interventionism disguised as “assistance” in this part of the world.

We have already seen the Obama Administration tacitly support coups in Honduras and an attempted coup in Ecuador.  Given the Democratic Party‘s seeming inability to think moving to the far right (as witnessed by the comical denials that a modified Keynesian like Obama is a “socialist”) is moving to the center, I expect still more “assistance” for “constitutional coups” designed to thwart the change we believe in here .  Within Mexico, having a Presidential election coming up in 2012, I fully expect even more U.S. attempts to steer the voters away from any candidate who even questions NAFTA.  And, of course, the U.S. denial of their narcotics addictions — not to mention their firearms industry — is going to give every reason for still more militaristic “assistance” here.  In other words, more Mexicans are going to die, to keep the U.S. arms, security consulting and prison industries happy.

Some of it may not be all bad.  With health care likely to get even more screwy than it already is in the United States, perhaps Mexico will see an influx of medical tourists.   And, given the Republican sweep in Texas, putting the idiots who believe Jesus rode on dinosaurs not to mention the once and one again Governor‘s flirtation with secession, perhaps the “lost territories” will be easy picking for the Mexicans.  Not that Mexico would want a place full of really stupid, lazy people back.

More seriously, perhaps Mexico‘s political class — always torn between the United States and Bolivarianismo — will finally understand that attempts to model the country on the “Colossus of the North” are not always in the best interests of the people, and that a little political instability is not a bad thing.  It keeps them honest.

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  1. Maggie Drake permalink
    3 November 2010 7:43 pm

    Well, at least Jerry Brown was elected and we aren’t stuck with that nimwit who needs estrogen injections. rah-rah-rah !!

  2. Bear permalink
    3 November 2010 9:50 pm

    Hey Rich, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

  3. 4 November 2010 7:50 am

    Ah, come on man, Texas isn’t that bad… it’s worse.

  4. Ramon permalink
    4 November 2010 11:53 am

    “In other words, more Mexicans are going to die, to keep the U.S. arms, security consulting and prison industries happy.”


    Pinche gringos they are killing mexicans !!!!

  5. Jose Guadalupe Garcia Cavazos permalink
    5 November 2010 9:26 am

    I gotta admit, I am really dissapointed by the elections here in Texas. But Rich, political instability has been a part of Mexico as far back as I can remember. I dont know about the part of, “that a little political instability is not a bad thing. It keeps them honest.” Maybe the United States political model is’nt the best for Mexicans, but what about Brazil’s? Clearly, Mexico’s political system is’nt working. Or maybe it’s not the political system that is Mexico’s problem have yall seen this video?

    • Jose Guadalupe Garcia Cavazos permalink
      5 November 2010 10:50 pm

      I tried to add this one too, very interesting video, it mentions some of the issues that I have brought up in the past here on this blog.

  6. Ramon permalink
    5 November 2010 7:12 pm

    Jose Guadalupe Garcia Cavazos que te pasa? The problems of mexico are caused by the imperialsts of the U.S. Corrupt U.S. corporations are what is keeping Mexico down !!!!!!

    • Jose Guadalupe Garcia Cavazos permalink
      5 November 2010 9:27 pm

      Mira bro, “U.S corporations” don’t do business in Mexico unless Mexico says so. So if your statement was true, then don’t you think that it is our very own gobierno keeping us down? Verdad que te encabrona ver este video? Ay que verdad las verdades.

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