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Dome and dumber

17 November 2010

Where else but Arizona?

Via ThinkProgress:

In an era saturated with absurd moments of anti-Muslim fear-mongering, mosques have become a touchstone for Islamophobia. Even unbuilt mosques have set off a wave of anti-Muslim sentiment in Tennessee, Texas, California, and most notably, New York. Not to be outdone, the people of Pheonix, AZ were quick to call foul over the appearance of a dome-like structure along an interstate. But in the clamor over the impending Muslim takeover, these Arizonans missed one small detail — the building is not a Mosque, it’s a church…

Specifically it’s a Luz del Mundo Church, described by Jason Dormady as

[An] evangelical christian group based in Guadalajara, Mexico […] essentially a neo-pentecostal movement (founded in 1926 they were neo-pentecostal before it was cool) that embraces biblical literalism, Jesus Christ as savior from sin through his grace and baptism in his name alone, and with a modern apostle on the earth today. In short, there is enough doctrinal similarity between Arizona’s evangelicals and Mormons to make them fit in quite nicely in that religiously conservative state.

Of course, once the Zonies catch on that the denomination is headquartered in Guadalajara, they might stop being complete idiots, and go back to their normal racist idiocy.

OH NO... the Muslims are taking over Italy!

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  1. Bear permalink
    17 November 2010 5:21 pm

    Now that King Rick Perry has his coronation . He is fanning the flames of Xenophobia and wants to make Texas more like Arizona. His book tour started on the night of his reelection. Maybe he wants to be ruler of the whole shooting match.

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