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1 December 2010

Daniel Ribot, “a writer of speculative fiction, lecturer, translator and comic book obsessive” (his doctorate was a study of Mexican political cartoons) has an excellent, clear and concise overview of the Mexican Revolution (and what it means) at his website Floppy Boots Stomp Compress (the name is a pop culture reference that didn’t mean anything to me, either). Part I is here, part II here.

As a Spanish-born British academic,  Ribot’s interpretation of the events and meaning of it all will, of course, differ from a U.S. born Mexico-based writer less interested in the theories than in the results.  And, while no one can ever hope to write a complete history of every event everywhere in Mexico during the Revolution, Ray Acosta’s “Revolutionary Days: A Chronology of the Mexican Revolution” is now required for any and all writers on the theme.  Even those in the English Midlands.



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  1. 1 December 2010 6:26 pm

    Cheers for the plug! The Floopybootstomp is the name of a Captain Beefheart song. Just thought I’d clear that up…

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