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Who is not, but should be, in Cancún

8 December 2010

Via the Spanish site, “Bajo el Signo de Libra” I’ve been introduced to the work of Peruvian economist and photographer Javier Silva-Meinel. Silva-Meinel has most recently been documenting the lives of indigenous people in Amazonia (the photo is from his Piel del Amazonas series), much as he had previously photographed the Andean world.

The scant news focus  COP-16 (the 16th annual Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) has received has been on political leaders and macro-economic issues like carbon credits and the more esoteric concerns like  the games industrial countries play to avoid changing their profligate ways, and backroom deals.  Forgotten in there is who is affected by climate change the most — It’s not as if an Amazonian fishermen can buy carbon credits, or cares much about the language used in some final draft.  He… as much as Korean farmers, French pensioners, gringo bloggers, you… need to eat and are going to be impacted by what is or isn’t done in Cancún.

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