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It takes two to google

11 December 2010

“Owl Eyed” Otto (Inca Kola News) noticed today’s Google logo  —It’s a nice little reminder that 11 December is the birthday of Carlos Gardel (1887 or 1890).  It may take two to tango, or even to google, but it took the either French or Uruguayan born Gardel to make the tango worth memorializing on Google.

An Argentine immigrant, Gardel took up the disreputable job as a tango singer and performer.  In 1915, the young Gardel was shot while performing in one Buenos Aires bar by Ernesto Guevara Lynch.  Guevara Lynch would later father an Argentine recognized throughout the world.  Gardel would also go on to father an Argentine export of world renown, performing throughout Latin America and Europe until his death (like so many other great musicians, he was killed in an airplane crash) in 1935 .  It was he who made the tango an essential part of world music, and Google did well to remember.



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