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Borderlands crime

28 December 2010

(McAllen [Texas] Monitor)

Another spillover effect from the “War on Terror/drugs/Mexicans/youth/women/sex”? Well, I suppose if, in the name of “Homeland Security”,  crossing back and forth across the border wasn’t such a hassle, the lad might have gone to Boys Town in Reynosa.

Sex tourism, and exploitation are, of course, serious issues, but at least in Mexico, the prostitute is not a criminal. Then again, the kid is a minor. While Mexico’s “age of consent” (18) is older than that in Texas (17), I kind of doubt there would have been anyone calling the police over a matter like this, and the “alleged perp” would not be facing a 10,000 dollar fine and 10 years in prison for “indecency with a child”.

Of course, had dad found a naked  35 year old man dad with his 16 year old daughter (or, his son, I suppose)  there might have been a corpse out in the desert… on one side of the border or the other.

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  1. 28 December 2010 10:19 am

    I am getting absolutely tired of reading one negative reaction after another about all things related Mexico. We’re portrayed as a country of drug running, arms trafficing, violence fascilitating and other unspeakable evils… now the Mexican prostitutes are painted as predatory child seducers. Where did Junior get the $150.00 bucks? I suspect Dad has some issues of his own… Maybe he should place the “blame” for his son’s “transgression” a little closer to home?

    • Francisco Rivera permalink
      9 June 2012 10:53 pm

      You need to get tired of your country USA because the cause of the “evils” you are talking about are all the drug adicts around your country, 35 million aproximately, do you heard about fast and furious ?, well your goverment is the head of the arms trafficing, your goverment paid since 1945 to many mexican people in Sinaloa (I hope you know what is Sinaloa) for the drug to suport the army troops in the war, Corea, Vietnam, Afganistan and Irak, so the unspeakable evils are in your lovely USA, the problem is that you the american people belive that your goverment is right and decent, you live in the blind side because your senators and representatives are corrupt people and cheeting to the people , so you need to learn history and more about the causes of the violence in other countries, dont judge without elements and remember , you need to take out the drug adicts around your country.

      • 9 June 2012 11:22 pm

        “Your country?” Sra. van der Gracht és una mexicana.

  2. Juanita Cortez permalink
    28 December 2010 7:35 pm

    If $150 bucks is the going rate in the Valley then how can it be the poorest region of the country? I think that was like a 150 pesotes.

  3. El Chismoso permalink
    28 December 2010 11:50 pm

    The 16yr old kid will quicky become the envy and hero of his teeenage male classmates. I’m not sure what this story has to do about mexico being portrayal by the gringos?

    This story has also been repeated before where the “predatory child seducer” was the gringa school teacher.

    This story is more an example of how our our laws have changed over the years. Mama is worried about junior being harmed/traumatized by the “event”. Little does mama know that junor is a horny teenager who is more than happy to be the conquest of any woman.

    Any man can relate to this horny teenager and whether there should be a double standard for girls and boys when it comes to this issue. So the debate continues.

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