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How do you make a Mexican beer gay?

16 January 2011

What makes Guadalajara micro-brewery Cervecería Minerva’s two new products —  “Purple Hand Beer” (yes, the name is in English) and “Salamandra Cerveza Artesinal”  — so special is not that they are organic brews with a “touch of honey” but that they’re gay beer.  As in they have “a label design is based on the representative colors of the gay community, working to create a sense of community in that it speaks of the struggle for equal rights.”

Minerva’s Darío Rodríguez is definitely right when he points out that the gay/lesbian travel market is an overlooked niche market worth an estimated 8 billion US dollars a year, and may be right when he says that gays and lesbian consumers have great brand loyalty.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that a six-pack of Tecate or Corona has the same effects on one’s …. um… post-consumption predilections … as a six of Purple Hand or Salamanda.

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