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Miliary madness …

8 March 2011

I check in on MercoPress now and again, just to see what our friends away down south are doing.  Spending a lot on military expenditures, it seems.  Argentina’s military expenditures are expected to grow to an astonishing 1.3 percent of GDP by 2015.  But then, eventually, they might have to re-take the Malvinas, or at least Corbeta Uruguay Naval Base in the South Sandwich Islands.    The United States’ spending is about 4.3 percent of GPD, but then, again, they like to think the best defense is a good offense… against major military powers like… oh… Afghanistan, Panama, Iraq, Grenada, Bosnia… Mexican immigrants… you know, superpowers.  And supplying weapons to keep everyone fighting in Mexico, which also has had to up its military expenditures… to an entire half a percent of the GDP.

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