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Now it’s serious

8 March 2011

“Now it’s serious”


A couple U.S. agents get killed with U.S. weapons smuggled into Mexico with the assistance of the United States government, and they expect Calderón scamper off the Washington to explain the situation.  And scamper off he does.  Which hasn’t gone over at all well here.

So, after closing on on 40,000 deaths in Mexico to fight the U.S. proxy war on drugs,  people in the U.S. are shocked, shocked I tell you to finally figure out that their government is doing absolutely nothing to rein in weapons smuggling, but actually abetting it — what some in the United States accuse the Mexican government of doing with narcotics.



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  1. JC Brown permalink
    8 March 2011 10:29 pm

    My Momma told me a long time ago that two wrongs make a right. And that’s the best way to handle the situation; shake fingers at each other.

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