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A Japón

11 March 2011

Ten rescue dog teams, three structural engineering specialists and twenty rescue workers — pulled together from the Jalisco Civil Protection Unit, the Mexico City Fire Department, UNAM, Cruz Roja and CENPRED (the Center for Disaster Preparedness) are on their way to Sendai… one team having left Friday afternoon, the rest to follow on Saturday.

Whatever you might think is wrong with Mexico, when there is a disaster (especially an earthquake, something we’re all too familiar with here), it is usually the first country to respond with practical assistance.

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  1. 12 March 2011 12:10 am

    This is so true and another reason to love this country – the people are always ready to help… I wonder if any of the original the “Topos” went to Japan?

  2. El Chismoso permalink
    12 March 2011 7:36 pm

    “it is usually the first country to respond with practical assistance. ” Where is the proof?

    Countries throughout the world already have rescue workers in Japan. They didn’t wait until manana.


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