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Tsunami warnings…

11 March 2011

… wow, first time I’ve been in a place that got a tsunami warning.  I’ve been through hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions (a very small one… I’d just hung my laundry out to dry when the volcanic ash came down in hailstones.  Try getting lava out of your skivves), earthquakes, floods.. but no tsunami’s — yet.  I don’t expect to get washed out to sea (I’m at least a few blocks from the Pacific, and one the second floor… on a hill), but we might get some high-ish tides here in Mazatlán.

(And. as I seem to be getting an inordinate number of hits on this post.  RELAX… the Tsunami warning is for the entire Pacific coast of the Americas… the entire Pacific, including Antarctica.  Waves could be one to four meters at most, sometime noonish onward — which might do some damage to coastlines, but it’s not like hotels are going to be washed out to sea or anything.  Probably good surfing, but I make no recommendations about that.)

For those who like to fret, here’s the link to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center site, where you can get updated messages on expected landfall in various parts of the Pacific (in GMT).

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  1. Peggy permalink
    11 March 2011 4:49 am

    Have you heard anything new on the tsunami warning for Mazatlan? I have relatives vacationing there.

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