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A snowbird

23 March 2011

What’s was the most important construction project in Puerto Vallarta’s history as a resort community?  Perhaps this small bridge…

From ““:

Tucked up in the hills lies Casa Kimberly, a hacienda built in 1957 which Richard Burton rented, later buying the massive home as a present for Elizabeth Taylor’s 32nd birthday. Even by Hollywood standards, the home ranks as a giant, spanning 22,900 square feet with three gardens, 10 bedrooms, and a dozen bathrooms.

Now operating as both a bed and breakfast and a museum, with tours available for a small fee, Casa Kimberly may be built to a movie star scale but, surprisingly, it shows a couple that lived laid-back lifestyle. Built without air-conditioning but positioned to take advantage of sea breezes, the house was definitely a home. The room which functions as today’s game room was a school room during Burton and Taylor’s days in the home, which spanned from 1963 to 1974.

Reminders of the famous duo are found throughout the home, which Elizabeth Taylor left fully furnishing, taking only a painting of herself that Diego Rivera had created. The couple’s bedroom is filled with photos of happier days; it’s a room that’s requested by many honeymooners and anniversary couples.

For all the romance-filled photos found in the home, visitors see what might be a clue to the couple’s eventual breakup: literally his and her haciendas. The main house functioned as Liz’s home but across the street stand another hacienda which served as Burton’s hideaway. Connected to the main house by a pink bridge (a replica of Venice’s Rialto Bridge), Burton’s “bachelor” pad had its own kitchen, pool, and even a getaway route. To avoid the ever-present paparazzi, the couple could sneak out a door which connected to the neighboring hacienda, allowing them to take their children off to the beach unobserved.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor, D.E.P (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

(This is obviously NOT the Rivera portrait, which I have never seen, and can’t find a copy of anywhere on the internet).

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  1. Fnarf permalink
    25 March 2011 2:02 am

    Alas, the B&B closed a few years ago, and the entire complex has been gutted. It was under construction when we went by it two years ago, and according to this blog post it’s going to be made into condos –


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