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Hillary approved Attorney General for Mexico

1 April 2011

As I said below (or at least implied, for the umteenth time), the Calderón Administration has backed itself into a corner, both in relying on making a “war on (some) narcotics (exporters)” the focus of its activities, to the point that it sucks the life out of any other administrative activity, AND, to continue that “war” Calderón is forced to make political decisions based on keeping the “war’s” main supporters happy.  The main supporters being not Mexican voters so much as the United States government.

Reed Brundage, at America’s MexicoBlog, refers to the “drug war” as “whack-a-mole” — as in the children’s game where you bash a “mole” and another pops out somewhere else — here meaning the Calderón Administration brings down one “kingpin” and another pops up… or the administrative division of the narcotics export trade simply moves elsewhere, and pops up again. So, his comment on the not-unexpected resignation of Procurador General Arturo Chavez Chavez reads:

Mexico’s mole-whacker-in-chief whacks one of his chief mole whackers for not whacking enough moles.

Procurador-General designate and her minders

n other words, the Procurador General was expected to focus completely on the “drug war” and the “drug war” isn’t going as well as expected …In other words, the Procurador General was expected to focus completely on the “drug war” and the “drug war” isn’t going as well as expected … so Hillary-approved™ Marisela Morales head of the Procurador’s office of organized crime (SIEDO) is to be the new Attorney-General.

No mention in the U.S. reports that Chavez Chavez was also just a hack politician and, by all accounts, an incompetent boob. There have been a string of scandals involving corrupt prosecutors, not to mention judicial misconduct and a general failure to live up to promises to reform the justice system. We keep hearing that creating a climate of legality is the “answer” to our crime problem… while just putting in a new attorney general because she’s been focused on the “drug war” (which fosters a lot of that dissatisfaction with the legal system) is going to improve anything.

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  1. Juanita Cortez permalink
    1 April 2011 5:33 pm

    Marisela Moralesm She must be Swedish with a name like that. Nice editing.


  1. “Marisela Morales Nominated As Mexico’s First Female Attorney General” and related posts | Hot Quick News

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