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We’ll see it here first!

18 April 2011

Traditions never die, they’re just up-graded.

Since the Puebla plant was the last to produce the Vocho… el niño gordo… el escarabajo… the bug… the beetle… the Volkswagen Sedan… it’s only logical that it’ll be the first to produce the new version for the market, and Mexican consumers will be the first buyers… in about a year.  Wonder if we’ll get our clown-car taxis back.

I notice it has a front end engine, which really is a radical change.  I can’t tell if the battery is still under the back seat (and if the seats are straw… though that’s one tradition I could do without)… or if you can pop it into gear and get going by rolling downhill.  You know, the important things.

From Reuters:

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