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Un unholy mess

25 April 2011

A small group of women (and one man) began shouting during Cardinal Norberto Rivera’s Easter Sunday sermon.  There was a scuffle with the cathedral security guards (which have been there since a political protest turned violent there last year).  Armando Martinez, who, as head of the Catholic Lawyers Association, pops up in the news regularly to embarrass himself and/or the Church, blames the PRD for the interruption.

The Cardinal’s mouthpiece Msgr. Hugo Valdemar was blathering on about the insult to the Virgin — a Virgin of Guadalupe statue being broken during the scuffle.  Of course, the PRD denies having anything to do with all this, protests against “idolatry” and demands to read “the Blue Book of the Prophets” not usually being on the PRD agenda.  And, it looks as though the iconoclast in all this was Martinez, who was wielding the Virgin statue as a cudgel against the protesters.   At least he was gentlemanly enough to only bop the guy, and not the women (one of whom was faking a pregnancy).

(Photo:  María Luisa Severiano/La Jornada.  More in Jornada, Milenio, Cronica de Hoy)

The “Cathedral Five” were later released… apparently there’s no proof that the Virgin-cudgel that figured so prominently in all this belonged to the Cathedral (which would technically make it government property) nor that the protesters broke it.  And there is no law against shouting “idolatry” in a crowed church.  Of course, the Church still wants to blame the PRD.

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