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From taco to tacky… how to celebrate cinco de mayo

4 May 2011

Laura Hahnefeld (Phoenix New Times) gives us “Top Five Things White People Do to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo”.

Of course, while the most popular activity is drinking heavily, it’s not the only way to celebrate the Mexican non-holiday:

Number Five: Dress “Mexican”: Sombreros and tacos? It’s everything white people love about Mexican culture! Extra credit for a black mustache or the ultra-offensive “brown face.”

Other than naming a bunch of streets and colonias “Cinco de Mayo” throughout the country, you don’t hear much about it in Mexico.  Maybe the prez. will give speech to some military group in Puebla, and lay a wreath somewhere, but that’s about it.  Even the hero of Cinco de Mayo, Ignacio Zaragoza, has been replaced on the the 500-peso note in favor of  Diego Rivera.

We’re just not that into playing Mexican for a day.

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  1. JC Brown permalink
    4 May 2011 4:44 pm

    You oughta try it. It’s kinda fun, if ya don’t have to do it too often.

    And an immediate and sincere apology for the remark. Better by me than someone who would mean it. It’s my mother Juanita’s birthday anyway. JimB

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