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I am not a drunk!

5 May 2011

Think of Donald Trump crossed with W.C. Fields, and you have Jalisco Governor Emilio Gonzales, who has thrown his hat into the ring for the PAN presidential nomination.  It’s a crowded field (about a dozen prospective “pre-candidates” last time I tried to count them), none nearly as entertaining as Gonzales.

Although he’s never publicly invited those who disagreed with his policies to have unnaturally close relations with their female parent — at least not in front of television cameras and a Cardinal — there is a sizable sector of the population that is convinced Felipe Calderón is drinking on the job. Governor Gonzales — while giving all the appearance of one who had an elevated blood alcohol content — did indeed tell those who might take exception to his generous “donation”   of state funds to a planned resort complex for Catholic priests to engage in such a parent-child bonding experience, while sharing a podium with Cardinal Sandoval.

“So, I drink tequila.  It’s mandatory to drink in Jalisco,” Gonzales says in a video prepared for the party’s central committee, dealing as only he can with what is probably the biggest negative for a candidate seeking the conservative vote in a conservative party’s primary.

Gonzales’ statement about gays (“Some of my best friends are gay.  And if they come out of the closet, they’d probably still be friends”) and the separation of church and state (“The secular state gives me the right to go to Mass.  And I do”) may not be all that inflamatory in a conservative party’s internal candidate search, but it will make for comedy gold should he stay in the running for any length of time.

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