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Attack of the hacks

11 May 2011

If you happen to get an email from David Bodwell, my book editor (who is not responsible for the many, many errors on this site… which are all mine),  claiming he was kidnapped in London, it’s just hackers who got ahold of one of his email address books.

Thanks for your concern, but as it is, his wife practically has to hog-time him and strap him to the roof of the car just to get him to go to Guadalajara.  And some of his writers at times would be willing to pay British kidnappers to keep him for a while.

And, it gave me one of my sillier ideas for a post.

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  1. 11 May 2011 12:40 pm

    Look up James Fallows’s blog on The ATlantic site from a couple of weeks ago. It appers that some group hacked gmail and sent and continues to send stuff out as you described. Fallows gave instructions and links for arming oneself against the attacks.

  2. "craig" permalink
    12 May 2011 9:01 pm

    I had a hard time finding that column, but finally did locate it, in case anyone is interested:

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