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Just what we need?

12 May 2011

President Felipe Calderon says Mexican people are “suffering” because of the violence and need a visit from Pope Benedict XV to lift their spirits.

(Guadalajara Reporter, 6-May-2011)

And Jesus says Mexicans are suffering because they had bad governments not because they yearned for a visit from the pope.

Of course, that’s Jesus Zambrano of the PRD.

The previous Pope was extremely popular here at one time, or at least appeared to be, although on his last visit,  he had to compete with a appearance by Brittany Spears.  As a matter, of fact, the first MexFiles post (nine years ago last Sunday) was on that very topic.

And, all that was before revelations of the late Pontiff’s relations with Marcial  Maciel, another once popular cleric whose reputation has plummeted in Mexico of late.

While he is unlikely to be compared with his predecessor, should he take FeCal up on the offer, Benedict might find himself about as popular as another pop culture figure from Central Europe:

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  1. Howard permalink
    12 May 2011 7:46 pm

    True, if the “blessed’ peophile priest protector, anti-family, anti-Catholic youth John Paul II could life our spirits, who knows what Pope Benny, the nazi…. past head of the Inquisition, would do for us.

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