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21 de mayo de 1911 – 21 de mayo 2011

21 May 2011

The Treaty of Ciudad Juarez was signed 21 May 1911,  under which Porfirio Diaz and Secretario de Hacienda (Secretary of the Treasury) Jose Limantour to both resign, making Foreign Secretary Francisco Leon de la Barra the interim president until new elections can be called.  In recognition of the 10oth anniversary of the Treaty of Ciudad Juarez, the city has been officially designated “Heroic”.  peaking at the ceremony surrounding Ciudad Juarez’ new official status (a not-unusual civic designation, although usually an honor awarded to cities that resisted foreign intervention, as in “Thrice-Heroic Veracruz”  where an attempted French landing by French marines was beaten back by the Mexican army under General Santa Ana in 1838 and civilian and military resistance to the two U.S. landings of 1846 and 1914).

Of course, the 1911 Treaty was only the first act, of the first act of a major social revolution (de la Barra did everything possible to set up the Madero administration for failure, and  — when it did (with a healthy assist from U.S. Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson) led to a violent social revolution, the mother of all anti-imperialist uprisings of the last century, and the Mexican people attempting to gain control over their natural resources and export economy.

Under the terms of the Treaty, the irregular forces seeking to overthrow the Diaz government were incorporated into the Federal Army.  According to Felipe Calderon, the “lesson” of the Treaty of Juarez is that the various political parties … and the “irregular political forces” of people like Javier Sicilia … should  be incorporated into his “war on drugs” that allow for more foreign control over at least one natural resource and an important part of our export economy.

With assurances that a disorganized state cannot deal with organized crime, Felipe Calderon called for Mexicans to leave behind recriminations and “absurd accusations”  and unite to curb insecurity.

As he and Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte led festivities marking the historic 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Ciudad Juarez, which was signed on 21 May 1911 marking the triumph of the Revolution and the exile of the dictator Porfirio Diaz, The PAN politician was clamoring for unity without dissent.

“We must work more and more coordinated way, as  we’re doing today, and with increasing effort in the State of Chihuahua, because you can not deal with the crime without considering the strength of organized crime, and you can not face the organized crime with a disorganized state.  I know that together we can overcome any challenge, “he said.

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