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The eyes of Texas are upon you…

26 June 2011

Nobody slices and dices stupid like Juanita Jean:

Let me tell you how dumb Rick Perry is.  He moved from bean dip dumb to dog dump dumb this week when he went to speak to National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials annual conference in San Antonio.  You know, right after he pushed for voter ID and sanctuary city destruction.

News outlets statewide (and around the country) are weighing in on the response from the audience, using words like “subdued” and “tepid.”

The El Paso Times declared Perry “failed to woo” Latino leaders while “(t)he applause lines often fell flat and the clamoring of silverware hardly yielded.”

Politico picked up on the story Thursday evening, pointing out that while President Barack Obama got criticized for skipping the event, Perry got criticized for showing up.

And Perry did not mention his clearly anti-Hispanic legislation push. He thought they’d forget it because he’s so distractingly good looking.

“Rick Perry walking into a room is the same as eight good men leaving,” Juanita says.

She’s right, you know.

Juanita missed the best part of the story, as printed in (but surely not originating with) The Huffington Post:

… Hispanic politicians had earlier spoken passionately against his policies, deriding them as hurtful to Hispanics. Perry chose to ignore those topics and instead touted his appointments of the first Hispanic women to serve as secretary of state and to both of the state’s highest courts.

But a joke about how perfect it was to appoint Jose Cuevas* to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission because his name sounds like Jose Cuervo — a brand of tequila — fell flat. Perry struggled to regain his confidence as he described Texas as a land of opportunity.


* Apparently, no relation to the Mexican artist  José Luis Cuevas who sought to present the misery of the modern world, something José Cuervo helps you forget it for a while, and Rick Perry seems to want to spread to the rest of the United States.

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  1. Bear permalink
    28 June 2011 9:10 am

    If and when the Hispanics of the state of Texas realize what power they could wield, then the good old boy, good hair, days will be toast.

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