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Veracruz… where the buffalo roam?

7 July 2011

Cuatzacoalcos, Veracruz cattle-man José Facundo Montalvo Burgos is encouraging his fellow breeders to think about changing their ways slightly, and letting the water buffalo roam southern Veracruz.

An advantage of buffalo is that the same animal can provide both milk and meat, although, as with cattle, farmers usually specialize in one or the other. In India, buffalo provide 30 million tons of milk annually, and — although there are breeds of buffalo bred especially for meat production — your run of the mill average buffalo has less fat and bone than your average steer, and a leaner meat.

And, if milk and meat aren’t plenty from one animal, or if you feel attached to old Flossie, she can be put to work as a draft animal. Try getting a Holstein to pull a plow. And, on top of that, buffalo are not particular picky eaters.

The big advantage is these guys are called “water buffalo” in English for a reason… they love swamps, and southern Veracruz is swampland… an ideal environment for what in Mexico is known as búfalo de la India.

And… I suppose there is a way to get real Buffalo Wings from them, too.


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