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100 years of Mario Moreno

12 August 2011


The American press called Cantinflas the “Charlie Chaplin of Mexico.”  Charlie Chaplin, a man not known for modesty, however, called him the world’s best comedian.  Today is the one hundredth birthday of the Mexican whose comedy still transcends borders… even the Arizona one:

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  1. Que Es Gramatica permalink
    13 August 2011 12:55 am

  2. dan m. permalink
    9 September 2011 6:20 am

    Ahi ‘ta el detalle… Neither here nor there, but Mr. Moreno lived about 3 blocks from us in Vista Hermosa/Cuajimalpa. All I remember is that his house’s boundary wall had a 60’s-esque curvy entryway featuring a matte brown aluminum gate, and that his was the only house that didn’t respond to our threatening “Queremos Jalowín!” chants each October. I’m sure the world will sleep more soundly knowing the full truth now.


  1. 100 years of Mario Moreno |

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