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El va, pero yo no voy: Clerical comings and goings

30 January 2012

El va:

Via Aguachile, the … um.. less than beloved Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez of Guasdalajara is retiring:

He did a disservice to Mexicans through spewing hatred against women, gays, political parties, and Mexican political institutions. He did a disservice to Roman Catholicism, his religion, by acting as a caricature of so many of the evils the church has been criticized for: intolerance, narrow mindedness, misogyny, homophobia, downright authoritarianism, and so much more.

At least Cardinal Sandoval can say he was a role model for something worthwhile : Ernesto Goméz Cruz was brilliant in the 2002 film, El Crimen de Padre Amaro.  It is no secret that Goméz Cruz modeled his impersonation of a corrupt and sinister Bishop on the best known corruptest and sinisterest (yes, I just made up that word) cleric in Mexico…

Yo no voy:

I doubt too many of those (and there are more than a few) who will miss Cardinal Sandoval are putting this sticker on their front door:

As David Agren (who is making a return appearance in today’s Mex Files) reported for Catholic News Service, Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Guanajuato is seen to have a political agenda, meant possibly to favor the conservative (and pro-clerical) PAN party.  News that the City of León will be charging for “preferred seating tickets” to see the Pope, which will not even begin to meet the public expenses for this trip, have not just those who never intended to go see Ben XVI, nor only those who object to some faithful being more equal than others, publically stating their objection to the papal visit, but also some of the faithful who would rather the funds allocated for the event be used for relieving hunger among rural indigenous people in the drought-stricken north.

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