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Apocolypse manaña?

27 February 2012


Amenaza EU con asesinar a “El Chapo” Guzmán

La secretaría de Seguridad de EU, Janet Napolitano, dijo que si les llevó 10 años acabar con Osama Bin Laden, lo mismo ocurrirá con “El Chapo” Guzmán, quien se fugó de una prisión de máxima seguridad en Puente Grande, Jalisco, el 19 de enero de 2001.

It’s not that I am defending the well-known Sinaloan exporter, but I would suggest the implication that Mexico is a client-state of the United States, where it can kill people it finds inconvenient, might not be wise.  The need for the United States to use it’s loose definition of “terrorism” to terrorize its own people is bad enough.  When it’s exported, it can be deadly.

I have noted before the tendency to use military force against criminals, and the rarity of the honchos being taken alive… which means not so much that they never get their day in court (although even criminals have human rights, and Mexico is not so barbaric and backwards as to have a death penalty), but that it spares the public any embarrassing revelations about these guys’ contacts and associates within U.S. and Mexican (and other) organizations and institutions. I don’t think that’s accidental.

Secondly, given that the Sinaloan narcotics industry is fueled by U.S. demand for products, a violent military “solution” to is unlikely to resolve the social problem the United States has with its rampant narcotics use. If they wanted to eliminate narcotics growers and distributors through murder, they have plenty in their own country to start with… but then, perhaps the problem isn’t Chapo, but that Chapo — as a commodities broker — is outside the “first world” command and control of the world’s resource distribution system that keeps coffee, and sugar, and mineral, and oil in the hands of the users, and not the suppliers.

Third, eliminating Chapo, while unlikely to end the trade (or even put more than a dent in it), will — like the hunt for Osama Bin Ladin — more than likely create resistance: and not just to what will be seen as foreign interlopers, but to those who will be viewed as collaborators with interfering with a long-established traditional culture in the Sinaloan hills.

Fourth, given the slaughter that accompanied the U.S. “elimination” of Osama and other “targets” by the U.S., there will be “collateral damage”… I’ve always dreaded the inevitable use of drone strikes here, expecting that sooner or later, someone would seriously propose one, and we’ll have a wedding, or a funeral, or a quineceña “taken out”… at who knows what political cost to U.S. Mexican relations (not to mention the appalling prospect of blowing up people who had nothing to do with the “target”, or who are being denied the most basic right of all).

And, I would not be surprised if Mexicans pointed out that even if the present administration approves, it is considered an invasion.

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