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It’s MISTER to you…

10 March 2012

Homophobia seems to causing an outbreak of foot-in-mouth disease among Mexican politicians right now, not just among the young and the moronic, either.

In the Puebla state legislature, PANAL Delegate Héctor Alonso Granados referred to the chief legislative aide for the MoReNa coaliton as “miss” (señorita).  Considering that chief aide is a gay man, he naturally took offense… as did his party’s legislative leader, who has called for Granados to be censured.  And, the legislative aide, with the backing of several legislators, is filing a discrimination complaint with Conapred, the federal anti-discrimination agency. AND,  the PANAL central committee is going to meet next week to reconsider allowing Granados to be the substitute candidate for the federal Chamber of Deputies for a PRI candidate (normally, one elects both a deputy and a substitute, who steps into the job if — or when –the deputy resigns before the end of his or her term).

Granados — who after shoving around newspaper photographers last week isn’t about the get much sympathy from the media — isn’t so much in trouble for his original remark as for his “Limbaugian” apology, which took the form of saying to the legislative aide:  “Exuse me… MISTER offended homosexual”.

Didn’t work.


LaOpinion, Jornada

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