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Human rights… back and forth

28 April 2012

One step back:

Early Saturday morning, Michoacán state police stormed a student dormitory in Morelia and arrested 204 students in connection with a disturbance supposedly involving 20 students.  Better the guilty get hauled off to the slammer rather than the possibly guilty go free, apparently.

And one step forward:

The Chamber of Deputies overwhelming approved legislation that finally gives some enforcement power to the CNDH (National Commission on Human Rights).  Although CNDH is a judicial body, and has investigators, it doesn’t have any prosecutors, andhas no way of enforcing its rulings.. or, as they tend to be called, “recommendations.”  It’s a small, but important change:  the CNDH will not longer make “recommendations”, but will order changes in procedures, and if civil servants aren’t willing to make the changes, CNDH can file charges against the civil servant or agency refusing to make changes.  The change is not to the Human Rights laws, but to law covering Civil Service Adiminstrative procedure.

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