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IFE: we didn’t do it, and won’t do it again

8 May 2012

IFE, the Federal Elections Commission, has been falling all over itself to apologize for the debate… not the failure to get it onto the networks, or to set it up as a real debate, rather than a series of answers (or non-answers) to pre-selected (and largely PRI-selected)  questions, but for the “distraction” that arose when Julia Orayan had her 20 seconds of so of camera time.  While IFE is also apologizing for using sexist imaging in the debate, they’re also claiming they were not responsible, shifting blame to the production company, which is shifting blame to a production assistant who is shifting the blame to Ms. Orayan for wearing exactly what she was told to wear… a long white dress.  If they’d meant a long white dress that didn’t show off her cleavage, they should have said so.

IFE  would just as soon you forgot that they were the idiots who were responsible for the debate, and hope that one of the new edecanes they’re interviewing will prove less controversial:

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