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I want to export stuff (Barack Obama)

11 May 2012

Alas, the “stuff” the U.S. is exporting is weapons (and the effects of the U.S. weapons trade on Mexico always makes the headlines), and crappy food:

… Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, whose new study shows that America is exporting our obesity crisis to Mexico. Coupling health statistics with U.S. export data since the North American Free Trade Agreement tore down Mexico’s agriculture trade barriers, researchers found that the Mexican market was flooded by American agribusinesses’ taxpayer subsidized commodities (corn, soybeans) and their processed derivatives. According to the report, that quickly wiped out Mexico’s local food economy, leaving its food system exactly “like the industrialized food system of the United States — characterized by the overabundance of obesogenic foods.” Not surprisingly, Mexican obesity rates have consequently skyrocketed.

David Sirota in Salon (“Our Guns and Butter Economy”

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  1. 13 May 2012 9:14 pm

    There were documented studies completed a few years after NAFTA’s implementation shown something like 1.2 to 1.5 million Mexican subsistence farmers were thrown out of any chance of livelihood by the importation of US subsidized corporate agriculture crops.

    Even though it is well known what “free trade” caused in Mexico (and in the US – increased immigration pressures from Mexico), the USA continues to pursue the same policies in Central and South America (and elsewhere in the world). Perhaps solely due to the importance of Iowa in the presidential primary process, the USA has never seriously considered revising massive agricultural subsidies, even though that leads to worse food products for our own citizens and devastating consequences elsewhere in the world.

    The absence of a US production/manufacturing national policy seems to have given way by default to an “export all the freaky corn products we can possibly create” policy. Making national policy by default is never wise. But with the clown-parade in Washington showing no signs of ending — being batshit crazy seems to be a prerequisite these days — that’s what we are stuck with. And we all – everywhere – suffer for it.

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