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17 May 2012

Randal C. Archibold and Damian Cave  (New York Times) and the rest of the mainstream media seem to be FINALLY catching on to what everyone in Mexico has been saying in years… yes, there is violence — horrifying violence — surrounding the narcotics export and arms import trade, and yes, violence has escalated exponentially during the Calderón Administration (or… because of the Calderón Administration?), but Mexicans are not living in some sort of “failed state”, nor have they turned into shell-shocked zombies:

Francisco Umberta, alarmed by the latest in a string of unimaginably gory crimes linked to Mexico’s drug war, dealt with it by heading out on a date. A half-hour drive from where the torsos were discovered, he stood in line on Monday near a crowded Chili’s restaurant, waiting to buy movie tickets for “The Avengers.”

“Of course it is all scary,” he said of the massacre, which sadly set no record for carnage here, “but what are you going to do?” He had heard about the bodies on the radio shortly after they were discovered on Sunday, but said the regional soccer playoffs drew more public attention. “It’s not like we’re all paralyzed,” said Mr. Umberta, 31, an office clerk. ¨We still need to live while they do what they do.”

Although Archibold and Cave strive mightily to make comparisons to Iraq or other states recently bombed by the foreign powers into “failure” (whatever the Hell that is) and grope for some kind of pyschological explanation for Mexicans failing to live down to U.S.-reported paranoia and basically came up with a “failed rationale”.

Since it seems to be foreigners who are most invested in spreading the meme of “failure”, I suppose it’s only fitting that it’s a foreigner with the best explanation of why this just isn’t so.  From Paul McCartney’s free concert on Mexico City’s Zocalo Wednesday night:


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  1. Allen Graham permalink
    18 May 2012 7:48 am

    We extranjeros that live here have taken the same attitude. The narcos continue to kill, each other. Yes we accept that there are “innocent bystanders”, often related in some way to dealers.
    But we do not live in fear.

    The Paul McCartney concert was wonderful, even Pres. Calderon watched from his window,
    And how many people were there? To me Mexico city is scary, but how scary would the subway system have been after the concert ?


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