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What’s REALLY going on in the Presidential election?

19 May 2012

Via Los Ángeles Press, which as it’s name suggests, is based in the United States… which in some ways allows it to provide better coverage of Mexican politics than Mexican based news organizations.

What’s a shame is that many in the better known foreign news organizations simply accept the official stories put out by the Mexican government and the Mexican “mainstream”  — or (like the U.S. press especially) focus on foreign affairs only in relation to U.S. policy, and ignore “outside the box” reportage that may uncover startling — and potentially highly important — news.  Smaller, independent organizations, like Los Ángeles Press, have the ability to go for these stories, but don’t always have the resources, but to their credit find alternative sources usually dismissed by the mainstream.  Like this, from Hispan_TV’s Ramses Ancira.

This report  focuses in on what appears to be a false impression being given (deliberately?) by Mexican media (specifically Televisa and TV Azteca) which is being echoed in the foreign press:  namely that Enrique Peña Nieto actually is the leading candidate for the Presidency, but might be dismissed simply because  Hispan-TV  is a Tehran-based satellite network (the only Spanish-language network in the Middle East), but considering that the Iranians don’t have much of a stake in the Mexican presidential elections no matter who wins, the report should be taken as seriously (and as skeptically) as any other.

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