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Alternative media… the old fashioned way

28 May 2012

Yes, the Tlatelolco Manifesto is being spread though the “new media”… via youtube, facebook, blogs… but what is fascinating is that the “old media” form of alternative communication — i.e., taking your message to the streets (or on the Metro) is what is being recorded, and by doing so, the students are forcing the “mainstream media” to take notice of their story… if nothing else, to link to the video.



And, I think the symbolism of issuing the manifesto from Tlatelolco is doubly-brilliant.  Not only does it remind Mexicans of what happened in 1968, when students and workers and middle-class by-standers were mowed down by the Army (and the PRI) for standing up for democracy, it is the “three cultures” of Mexican students (at least in Mexico City) coming agreeing on a common statement… the future business and industrial elites of IBERO, the future technocrats of IPN and the future everybody else of UNAM.


¡Me gustan los estudientes!


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