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At least he left a tip

19 June 2012

How Mexico dealt with unwanted foreigners trying to run things down here back in the good old days.

Showing that Televisa can sometimes do things right… the re-enactment of the events of 19 June 1867 was from the closing moments of the first of a three-series telenovela El vuelo del aguila, and agrees with the historical record.

Produced by Ernesto Alonzo.  El vuelo — broadcast from 1994 to 1996 — followed the long career of Porfirio Diaz from his Oaxacan youth through his French exile and, even if hammy and over-the-top (but then that’s the way Mexican are… even wannabes like Maximiliano … he really did tip the firing squad and make a statement about his blood being the last shed for his adopted country) I have to admit that Televisa, has done some good work and  occasionally covers stories relatively straight … at least when the news is over a century old, that is.

(By the way, Maximiliano is played by Mario Iván Martínez, who — being a white guy — gets somewhat stuck in an ethnic ghetto, playing  foreigners a lot in Mexican productions.  Ernesto Gómez Cruz, who usually is, if not the villain, than a sinister character, is cast against type here, playing Benito Juárez)

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