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Consumed by consumption: or, all we need is love

22 June 2012

You need to realize that the water crisis and aggression against the environment means we must changing our way of life and putting a stop to the consumer society and pulling the plug on that culture.

The current model of development and consumption by rich societies are depleting the world’s natural resources…

…  the first element of the environment is human happiness.

Must be Uruguay Weekend here at MexFiles.  President José Mujica (whose only personal asset is his beat old old VW bug — his wife owns their small commercial floral farm) addressed the Rio Summit on the trap of consumerism and sustainable development:

For those who don’t understand Spanish, there is a (not perfect) English-translation caption with the video

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  1. StephenBrassawe permalink
    24 June 2012 1:05 pm

    Nearly all economic discussion today takes place within the box of consumerism. The entire planet is coming into the grip of an economic system fired totally by consumerism. Nearly everyone of prominence embraces the assumptions of consumerism. When a leader steps up and states the obvious, it is therefore somewhat astounding.

    But as has been said repeatedly, people will keep doing exactly what they are doing until they cannot.

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