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A mother of a megamarch

23 June 2012

In… uh… “honor” of departing Jalisco governor Emilio González Márquez, the Consejo Estatal de Comerciantes y Prestadores de Servicios — State council of retailers and service providers — is organizing what it hopes will be a 10 thousand strong ““megamentada de madre”” (Motherfuckin’ March).

González attempted to “donate” 30 million pesos of state funds to the Archbishop of Guadalajara in the spring of 2008. Claiming it was tourism development funds (the Archdiocese is building a resort complex for Catholic priests, that includes a shrine to the Cristeros) led to a new world record… for the most criminal complaints ever lodged against a public official by taxpayers.

González defended his actions in a speech to a young Catholics conference, where he shared the podium with the aforementioned Archbishop (Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez) telling his audience, that those objecting to his generosity could “go fuck their mothers” — a chingar a su madre was the exact quote, used in all print media, though Televisa for some reason saw fit to bleep out those words of wisdom from the well-lubricated Governor.

With his term at an end, it’s all-together fitting and proper that we remember his famous words.

(Sources: Aguachile, Proceso)

UDPATE:  Only 5000 showed up, but they set a new world record for group swearing, 122 decibels of cussing, beating out the old record of 120 decibels.

“#$% good job!

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  1. 23 June 2012 7:17 pm

    I met this joker when he was presidente municpal when I was working at the archive in GDL. The folks at the archive were super peeved he decided to hold some conference at the archive, constantly rolled their eyes as he glad-handed everybody in the place, and completely trashed him after he left – even the PANistas. I thought for sure this payaso would be front and center in the pecking order for PAN presidential glory BECAUSE of his shenanigans with the church.

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