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A better role model

4 July 2012

I’ve never understood why groups like “Anonymous”, especially here in Mexico, use those silly Guy Fawkes masks.  OK, I get it that there was a commercical film that never had much circulation here, somehow becoming a cult favorite of the English-speaking anti-corporate types… that featured a guy wearing a mask of a guy named Guy who back in the early 1600s was  trying to replace a Protestant monarchy with a Catholic one.  Which doesn’t seem to have a lot of do with anything vaguely progressive, populist, or Mexican.


Now… with the need for a disguise to wear when fighting for transparency… maybe if we had a real anarchist hero…


… hmmmmm…somebody a little more attuned to the Mexican way of protest ……




(Liberated, for the good of the pueblo, from Wonkette)


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